10 Best Apps that every mother of the house should have

The use of the mobile applications is getting out of control now. Except for the breathing, today we are taking the help of the mobile apps for everything. From the students who are taking essay help from the academic writing company’s mobile application to the owners of the giant firms scheduling their flights from the mobile app. In this range, there are mothers too who are using the mobile applications for help in routine day work of the house.

Unlike those who do the jobs, the mothers of the house who have to take care of the entire house and the kids too. They not only have to manage the groceries but also have to take care of her kids too. That is why they also need some help, and the mobile applications are helping them very efficiently.

If you are a mother too then reading this article could be helpful too because in the next lines of this article I am going to tell you about the top ten apps that every mother of the house should have in her smartphones.

  1. Cozi Family Organizer:

The Cozi Family Organizer is one of the most helpful mobile application for the mothers. This app is all in one tool for family management, and the best part is, it is entirely free. This app is available for Android, Apple and Windows phones. With this app, you can build your family calendar and can also use colors to highlight the special events on calendars. Apart from this, you can also make the shopping list, to do lists, recipe box, and family journal. This app also can make a widget on the home screen of your smartphone.

  1. Grocery IQ:

Organized shopping is like a dream of every mother who is responsible for all the household jobs. For those mothers, the Grocery IQ is the best to organize every type of job-related to the household grocery. It helps you in breaking down the shopping list by the category. That is what makes you easy for you to find the things in the store that you need. Moreover, it also creates the custom aisles and reorders your aisles for any list. The best part of this app is that it keeps all the record of your grocery buying so you can take the help from it to make the budget for the next month.

  1. Yowza:

This app is a gift from the American actress and the mother of the three kids Melissa Joan Hart to other mothers. This app is a must to have for every mother because it sends you the coupons and the details of the discounted offers near your shopping centers directly to your smartphone. The best part is, all these coupons and the offers come directly to the owners of the stores or the manufacturer of the company which you wouldn’t find from anywhere. This app is available for the iPhone and Android, and anyone can download it absolutely free.

  1. Pepper Plate:

The biggest question that my mother has to face every day is what to cook today. She always asks me and my other siblings to what to cook every day because thinking about the meal plan is always confusing for her. I am sure my mother would not be alone in it that is where the Pepper Plate is helping the mothers in it. The reason why this app has over million download hits combined by the iPhone and Android app stores is that it helps the mother for planning the planned meal. This app allows the mother to organize all the meal plan including for special occasion or developing the recipes with the help of her other friends too. She can directly import anyone else’s meal plan too to get the reference.

  1. Kids Meal Deal:

If you are a working mother, then you should have this mobile application on your smartphone. This app allows the mothers to find the details of the best meals in town especially for the kids when she doesn’t want to cook after a hard day work in the office. The deals in this app always get updated so you can choose the best according to your kid’s tummies.

  1. Evernote:

The Evernote is one app which is for all. Especially for mothers to manage all of their mess. By downloading it would look like a simple list maker but it is much more than that. Not just the text, the mothers can attach photos, videos in it which will automatically get synced with your computer and get stored online. With this, you can easily have your data stored in two places and can be analyzed at the end of the month for next month’s budget plan.

  1. Shop Savvy:

Shopping is one of the most integral parts of mother’s routine. Moreover, the mothers do the comparison shopping naturally that is why there is an app for them too. The Shop Savvy is an app which allows the mothers to compare all the ongoing sales and discounted offers and other prices of the product while sitting on your couch. The Shop Savvy app reduces the efforts which could be wasted in manual comparison and can now give them more time for different jobs.

  1. Remember the Milk:

No, it is not about buying milk for your kids. It is about everything. This app helps you in remembering the things by allowing you to set reminders for it. Moreover, you can also make a list for anyone else’s in the house and can share it with that person. Set your priority and then set the reminders to remember your things.

  1. Manilla:

Creating budget is one of the daunting tasks for mothers. They always need help in creating and managing the budget. That is why the Manilla is an app that helps the mothers in managing the family budget. It is a free bill organizer that allows you to manage all your accounts in one place. It is available for iPhone and Android users.

  1. Food on the Table:

This app will help you in keeping the best food on the table. This app helps you in making the great meal plans and grocery list whenever you have to go for shopping. With this app, you can easily manage all your kitchen related activities.

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